TV vet at launch of NEMi milk

March 11th 2015

NEMi milk launch at Elworth Primary School

This morning local TV vet Steve Leonard presented the launch of NEMi milk at Elworth Hall Primary School. Steve is a director of NEMi and explained in the form of an interactive game the whole process of milk from farm to fridge. He has been behind NEMi from outset, from his veterinary perspective he recognizes the nutritional value of milk as a substance and fully supports the 'Healthy Herd Programme' that was designed to facilitate the outstanding health and comfort of our cows.

"It is refreshing to work with a local company who are passionate about the health of future generations and sustainability which supports the School Food Plan."
Joanne Cooper, Interim Catering Services Manager, Cheshire East Catering

'The launch of NEMI as part of Cheshire East's month of celebration was a fantastic morning. We had interactive learning with Andrew Henderson and Steve Leonard making a fantastic double act. Their fun way of talking about milk production and the health benefits inspired the children to write all about it! The special visit of Rachel, the cow, made it all very real. A special day which the children will remember.' Margaret Blease-Bourne, Headteacher at Elworth Hall Primary School.

School catering team at Nemi milk launch

NEMi stands for Naturally Enriched Milk innovations and is the first naturally enriched milk in Europe which is why Cheshire East Council took the decision to provide NEMi milk throughout its catering service in schools. We source our milk from the finest Farms in your area where it then goes straight to the local Dairy to ensure its freshness and high quality taste. Ray Brown — NFU Cheshire's county chairman and farmer of the award-winning Bidlea Herd- attended the launch with his pedigree cow Rachel and her baby calf. He spoke to the children of Elworth Hall Primary all about milk production and the importance of local farmers from his perspective even showing them how to milk Rachel.

Farmer Ray at the NEMi Milk Launch

"It is so important that we support Dairy Farmers and ensure that they get a fair price for their labors; NEMi will pay all of their farmers a premium so that they can continue to produce the highest quality milk and create the best environment for their cows welfare." Andrew Henderson, Managing Director of NEMi Ltd.

NEMi Milk: Deliciously Healthy Dairy

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