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The Grocer talks to NEMi Milk

At the 'Farm Shop & Deli Show,' we were fortunate to meet the lovely people that work at 'The Grocer'...

We told them all about what we were doing...

  • How we are a small family-run business with big ambitions.
  • Why we want to be the only brand of milk that is not available in the supermarkets.
  • Why we are proud how, after nine years of development, NEMi milk is on the shelves of local independent shops, cafes, delis and bakeries.

Are you a Subscriber to 'The Grocer'?

If the answer to this is yes — then hopefully you managed to read the editorial they did about NEMi milk.

If the response is no — look no further. You can access a copy here!

The Grocer recently celebrated its 150th anniversary as the UK's only paid-for weekly magazine and online service. Customers range from large multiples to small, independent retailers, wholesalers and suppliers, as well as farmers, growers, food manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

The Grocer is well known for its weekly magazine and online to where news is reported as it happens.

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