Meet The NEMi Milk Team

The NEMi Lineup...(who we are, what we do and why we do it)

Andrew Henderson

Who: Andrew Henderson
What: Nemi Managing Director, Dairy Nutritionist & Owner of Independent Feeds Ltd.
Why: As a Ruminant Nutritionist and the Managing Director of Independent Feeds Ltd, Andrew has a longstanding interest in developing innovations within the agricultural industry.
This interest means that Andrew seizes any opportunity to travel and gain experience in his field. It was through these travels that he realised that there are products and processes being overlooked by British and European specialists; improvements in the industry that could both optimise the nutritional health of the dairy cow and enhance the health of our communities.
In 2011, Andrew co-founded "Naturally Enriched Milk innovations Ltd", a business venture that aspires to transform dairy farming at its source. His focus was on the welfare of the cow to produce a high quality enriched product enabling a greater profit for producers and suppliers and providing consumers with one of the best forms of nourishment Mother Nature can offer.

Dr Russell Muirhead

Who: Dr Russell Muirhead MB ChB MRCGP
What: Nemi Medical Director, Chairman of Shropdoc
Why: A former GP partner in Audlem, Cheshire and current Chairman of Shropdoc which provides care for 600,000 patients in Shropshire & Powys, Russell has been a practicing doctor for 30 years and has seen a huge shift in the pattern of illness. There is a growing issue of older people living with chronic or 'Long Term Conditions' into their 80s, 90s and beyond. He recognised that if we are to keep our families and friends healthier for longer we need to start with excellent nutrition, ensuring we provide all the essential nutrients our bodies need to prevent serious illnesses and infections developing. What better way to achieve this than through one of Nature's most complete foods — MILK.

Steve Leonard TV vet

Who: Steve Leonard BVSc MRCVS
What: Nemi Director, TV Presenter of Wildlife Shows and Practising Veterinary Surgeon
Why: In Steve's words: "Milk is pretty amazing and has been part of our history for as long as we as a species have existed. The first meal that every human gets is milk. For 7000 years humans have been drinking domesticated animal milk — from cows, sheep, goats, camels, yaks, water buffalo, reindeer & horses. It's very digestible and nutritious. It's excellent at rehydrating and now is a vehicle for delivering essential micronutrients to the human diet.
I've been involved with Nemi from the beginning. From the moment Andrew Henderson explained the concept it seemed to make so much sense. Looking after hard-working cows is the best way we can to enable them to look after us. It is what they and we deserve. Nature is extraordinary and we work with it, not against it."

Graham Fell

Who: Graham Fell
What: Nemi financial adviser & retired Director of Gold Standards Frameworks CIC: a social enterprise delivering training and education to front-line providers of "End of Life" care nationally and developing Telehealth solutions for optimum Chronic Disease care in patients own homes.
Why: Graham's longstanding careers in Multinational companies, at European director level, and latterly for the NHS as a CEO for a quality NHS provider, mean that he has the skills and critical challenge we need for our business planning. Previously a colleague of Dr Russell Muirhead, Graham heard all about Nemi, what we hoped to achieve and what our future growth ambitions are- and wanted to get on board. Naturally, we were more than happy to welcome someone with such great business experience- and now Graham looks at the company as a whole and helps us put practices in place that make our business better.

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