How Being a NEMi Farmer Will Benefit You?

Dairy Farmers: What You Need to Know

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As a dairy farmer, you need to be confident that NEMi and Independent Feeds ensure your cows consistently produce Selenium-enriched milk. We do this using the following steps:

Edinburgh University Dairy Herd Health and Productivity Service — nationally recognised department providing full testing facilities and expert veterinary advice based on the results.

The Local Vet: farmers know and trust the information from their local vet, so NEMi works with practising vets to ensure the health and dietary recommendations we make are right for each dairy herd.

'Sel-Plex Inside' adds essential trace elements to the feed. Alltech has proven that their Selenium yeast product is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to ensure that dairy cows receive the right amount of essential Selenium in a safe and efficient manner.

Extensive research with the organic selenium in Sel-Plex has demonstrated many improvements to help the dairy cow:

  • Lowered somatic cell count.
  • Support to overcome retained placentas.
  • Enhanced immunity to help combat disease.
  • Selenium-enriched colostrum to help the calf's immunity too.

Pre, post and ongoing dairy milk testing mean that, at each stage of production, we can ensure that NEMi milk is of the best quality and fully enriched with Selenium.

'In feeds' levels are monitored and collated to make sure that the dairy farmer receives the correct feed constituents from his supplier to meet the individual dietary programmes.

30% Naturally Enhanced Selenium milk — Guaranteed; our tests show that NEMi milk exceeds the 30% minimum requirement for enriched milk status.

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Don't just take our word for it, here is what Alan Swale (owner of the award-winning Joylan Herd and a dairy industry aficionado) has to say about NEMi milk:

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"We have joined with NEMi, who will be fully focused on promoting and selling the very first naturally enriched milk to come to market having achieved approval using the European Food Standards Agency criteria.

It has taken eight years to be fully approved and for a farmer of dairy cows, and it's great that it improves the health of our cows. A dedicated farmer feels the same about his cows as the average person feels about his pets.

We feel privileged to produce a product that will help to keep our customers healthy and give us confidence that we have a long-term future in farming."

To find out more about Alan Swale and his Family: Joylan Farms

NEMi Milk: Deliciously Healthy Dairy

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