TUCO's 'Fairly Traded Milk'

The Universities Catering Organisation (TUCO) have shown their support for British dairy farmers by launching a 'Fairly Traded Milk' initiative.

The scheme guarantees to pay farmers a minimum of 30p per litre- a sustainable and fair milk price according to data collated by the AHDB (Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board).

This is both a positive and forward-thinking step by TUCO, who recognise the need to safeguard and work with our British dairy farmers.

Recent times have been extremely difficult for dairy farmers with many, unfortunately, having to sell up as a result of low milk prices.

This move by TUCO will give farmers hope when they look to the future, but it will also mean that TUCO's members will benefit from full traceability and can promote their support of British farming families.

Mike Haslin, COO at TUCO, said:

"By introducing agreements such as this and other schemes, including unrivalled local sourcing frameworks, we are helping our members to put sustainability at the core of their catering operations. British farming is integral to the economy and its products essential for good nutrition — fair trading is at the core of its survival."

Here, at Nemi we are delighted to part of TUCO's 'Fairly Traded Milk' scheme and it is fantastic to campaign on behalf of British farmers alongside a leading and well-respected membership board.

For all enquiries about how to purchase Nemi on TUCO's 'Fairly Traded Milk' scheme, please contact Barbara Griffiths (Dairy Link MD).

T: 07979 704 894
E: barbara.griffiths@dairylink-uk.org

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