Dairy Farmers Deserve More

Farmers at the heart of NEMi milk

British dairy farmers do a fantastic job but times are tough for them. Here at Nemi we are supporting them by ensuring they have healthy productive cows, receive fair payment for their labours and the market for their milk recognises its real value.

Nemi wants to champion local farmers and ensure that every dairy farmer who supplies Nemi milk gets paid a premium, not just a select few.

In 2017, John Whaite wrote an article outlining the real cost of cheap milk. In it, he describes his family background in the dairy industry and how his parents are losing around 6ppl (pence per litre) every day.

This amounts to thousands of pounds every single week. With supermarkets selling four pints of milk at 89p, it is British Dairy Farmers who are losing out the most.

You can read John Whaite's full article here.

Here is an article about the plight of Dairy Farmer David Handley: We want to be able to protect British Dairy Farmers so that they can continue to do what they do best!

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