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The Nutritionist's Role

The Role of the Nutritionist in NEMi Milk

Is there nowhere Andrew Henderson won't go to tell the world about our fantastic naturally enriched milk?

Andrew Henderson has mastered the ability to feed a dairy cow so that a higher percentage of selenium is available humans who consume it.

While in Dublin, he was interviewed by Trent Loos for American radio. Trent is a well-known advocate for high-quality agriculture, and he doesn't pull his punches!

A firm believer in Selenium, he takes a pill every day. And even he was sold on the idea of a more natural form of Selenium to be found in NEMi milk.

Listen now to learn more about the nutritionist's role: click here

Trent Loos is a sixth generation farmer from central Nebraska, USA, who tells the story of modern farming methods and believes that too much of what the consumers think they know today just isn't so.

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