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Healthy Herds and Sel-Plex

The Benefits of Sel-Plex (Alltech's Selenium Yeast)

  • Increased bioavailability
  • Can be transferred from cow to calf
  • Antioxidant properties and health benefits for both cow and calf
  • The only organic Selenium reviewed by the FDA

Benefits to the calf

Kamada et al., (2007) Journal of Dairy Science 90:5665-5670

  • Calf mortalities are approximately 9.4-13.1% (USA).
  • Mostly due to susceptibility to infections.
  • Most calves are born selenium deficient, feeding Selenium after birth is an important technique for promoting the development of their immune status and healthy growth.
  • IgG absorption by new-born calves can be enhanced by increasing selenium in colostrum.
  • Increased IgG and Selenium in blood plasma could contribute to improved resistance to infectious diseases in post-natal calves.

Benefits to the calf can be achieved by increasing colostrum and milk Selenium via Sel-Plex supplementation to the cow.

This article explains why Selenium supplementation is required in the first place: 'Farmers Urged to Address Selenium Deficiencies in Grass'

Prevention is key

  • Maintain healthy structures in the udder
  • The first line of defense is physical
  • Increase resistance — boost immune system
  • Nutrition
  • Bioavailable trace minerals
Sel-Plex is Proven to Reduce Mastitis Levels...
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