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Why Stock NEMi Milk?

Let's Get Down to Business

You need to know that the NEMi milk you are buying is consistently of the highest quality and that we can deliver and support the values that we purport.

So let's get to it...

We are committed to ensuring that:

  • NEMi milk is always enriched to the minimum > 30% requirement.
  • NEMi milk is of high quality with low Somatic Cell Counts and Antibiotic levels.
  • NEMi milk is presented in the form and packaging that you require.

An integral focus of our ethos is to promote an ethical supply chain. The question is: how do we maintain this?

  • Every farmer that works with NEMi gets paid a fair price and a premium to produce NEMi milk.
  • In addition, we will always look to work with and champion our local processors.

So, I hear you cry, what are we going to do for you (other than supply a fantastically healthy fresh local product)? Well, we don't want just to sell you our products and leave you to it; we are committed to offering you a support package whereby we work with you to promote, establish and increase your sales.

NEMi Milk: Deliciously Healthy Dairy

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