NEMi milk bottles on the shelf

NEMi is available in semi-skimmed, skimmed and whole milk

  • In 2ltr, 1ltr and 500ml plastic cartons.
  • NEMi is also available in 1pint glass bottles.
  • 2ltr NEMi cream is available in double, whipping & single
  • Also available is our 'NEMi Nook' cheese.

We offer our stockists a range of NEMi milk products and all our customers become part of an ethical supply and service chain. We not only work closely with our farmers and processors we are also on hand to support our stockists too.

And remember:

  • NEMi milk is always enriched to the minimum > 30% requirement.
  • NEMi milk is of high quality with low Somatic Cell Counts and Antibiotic levels.
  • NEMi milk is presented in the form and packaging that you require.
    NEMi is committed to offering everyone in the supply chain a support package to help establish, promote and increase your sales.

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NEMi Milk: Deliciously Healthy Dairy

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